June 5, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: A picture of your favorite memory...

Ok, so picking a favorite memory is so hard! Especially since my very best memories there wasn't a camera around. So I'll pick a few...

 #1: Pirate Ship Sleep Over! 
"Call me a liar..."

Down at Snow College, one of the professors (he retired this year) has an AWESOME pirate ship. He originally built it for his grandkids, but he lets the college students use it every once in a while. We slept in the "Captain's Quarters" and played Liar's Dice. We also told "scary" stories. It was one of the best bonding moments my roommates and I had. 
Captain Will Lubber
 (Bill Lubber or Blubber for  short...)
When we woke up the next morning we found a tub of pirate costumes and messed around in those. The boat had a cool sound system, so we hooked up my roommate's iPod and rocked out to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. Such good times! 
I loved getting to know my roommates this year. We had so much fun, and I love them a ton! This isn't even the craziest thing we did! We once had an elaborate scheme to order pizza in the most bizarre way (two of us were in a dumpster dressed as hobos), we locked one of my roommates out and sent her looking for clues to get back in, and we all played our share of pranks...or maybe we didn't... I love and miss these girls so much!

#2: Any and every memory I have with my family...

Sorry to inform you, but my family is the best one there is! Sure, we're not perfect. We all have had our share of disagreements. But at the end of the day, we're all laughing and having fun together. When I was at school I came to miss and appreciate the days when I got to see my family everyday. I am so happy to be living with them again this summer. I know that the day will come when I will move out for good, but for now, I love being with them and sharing in the joy only family can bring. 

#3: Good times with my Friends

Since going to school, my friends and I have all drifted apart, but we're still pretty close. My very best friend is spending the summer in California, but we may end up going to school together in the fall! (Fingers crossed!) I still see my other friends every once in a while. 
We have all had such good times. Whether it was night games with my friends in my ward or a girls night or sleepover with my friends from high school, there was always tons of laughter and fun. 
And there still is. This summer, I'm hoping to reconnect with everyone! It may be difficult, because of people's schedules, but I'm willing if they are. And I can't wait to make more memories with them. 

--Lexi Lou


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