May 29, 2012

Summer 2012 Bucket List

It seems like every blog I've visited recently has had a list of things they want to accomplish this summer. I haven't thought about it much, but I've decided I wanna write one as well. I want to really live it up this summer, and I want to be able to look back and see more than sitting on the couch and letting the summer slip by me.

My Bucket List for Summer 2012!!

1. Start Dating Again
I want to get back into that dating scene. Its gonna be tough though. Its been over six months since I've been on a date with anyone but my ex. I'm going to have to start slow. But I am determined to get back out there. The right guy out there for me is somewhere, and I can't wait to meet him. 

2.Get an Awesome Job
I desperately need money! Well, I guess not desperately, but I really want some money. To really be able to have a great summer I've got to have some green in my pockets. I know they say the best things in life are free, but there are some pretty fun things that cost money too. Plus, I'll need the experience for future jobs. Not to mention the fact it'll get me out of the house. If I could choose a perfect job for me right now, it'd probably involve childcare or something related to teaching.

3.Lose Weight
I know, I know. I'm not the biggest girl on the block. But I am pretty pudgy around the midsection. Not to mention gaining 12lbs since last summer. But this goal has more to do than looking good (though I am looking foward to that immensely.) My family has a history of diabetes, and I'm pretty sure I'm already showing the signs of prediabetes, if not worse. I really want to improve my health and be able to be my whole self. I don't want weight and health issues to hold me back. I'm already working on getting this goal done. I'm looking into joining Weight Watchers. My family is also planning on exercising together this summer. I hope to weigh a maximum of 145lbs by the time school starts up again (fingers crossed!).

4.Buy My First Car
Every teen dreams of the day where they have their own car. I just can't wait to not have to depend on others or a bus for a ride anymore. Feel like going to Walmart? Bam! I'm there. I don't need anything fancy. Sure, someday I'd love to own a 1956 cherry red Ford Thunderbird. For now, I just want something reliable that I can afford. Of course, that will be determined by whatever job I get, so it probably will be quite a clunker. But again, nothing wrong with that. 

5.Hang out a TON!
I need, need, NEED some social time. I've already been lucky enough to spend tons of time with my family. I love them so much! And I got to see my best friend and hang out before she left for California for the summer (Love you lady! Can't wait to see you again!) She'll be in and out of the state until school starts up in the fall. I want to get together on a regular basis with my other friends and make a ton of new ones this summer. I also want to be able to get together with my friends from college scattered around the state. I wanna go to a ton of parties and other events (going to a wedding this weekend. So excited!). I just wanna get out there and have fun in the sun with some freaking awesome people!

6.Get my Room Organized
My room is kind of a wreck at the moment. I share with my eleven year old sister. When I moved back home, it already was a little messy. That, plus all of my stuff I had at school (I don't get how stuff grows while you go away somewhere, but I ended up bringing a whole lot more home than I did to school.) has made the room a little hard to live in. We're already planning on buckling down and cleaning the room the first week of my little sister's summer vacation. This might be my easiest goal to accomplish. (By the way, my little sister has a blog too! She's so cute! You should check her out, it'd mean the world to her.

7.Finish my Novel
Even if I only get it half finished, I'd love to work on my book. I've got the first chapter done, and I'm halfway through the second one. The way that I've plotted it out, I figure it will be about twelve chapters plus an epilogue. I really want to finally finish a story I've started, and I feel like this is the one to do that with. This is near the bottom of the priority list though. I need to be able to find a time when I'm not working and when I'm not going to want to hang out with friends. Until I get a job, I'm thinking doing it after I wake up and exercise with the family. We'll see how it goes. 

I hope to make this the best summer yet!! I'll try to let you guys know how everything goes. I can't wait for all the fun I'm gonna have! 


Lexi Lou said...

Just to catch everyone up, I've already ordered a Weight Watchers Starter Kit. So I'm already on my way to losing weight! :) Please let me know if you want to hear about my weight loss on this blog. (I could also do a separate blog, but not so sure about that.)Let me know what you think! I was thinking something along the lines of Weight Loss Wednesdays or something like that. Thanks!

Emily@JanDee Crafts said...

I like the ideas of weight loss Wednesday!

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